Brand New Hydraulic Crawler Excavator 1.7 ton SE16SR

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Product Number:Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

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Construction machinery excavators, commonly known as excavators or diggers, are earthmoving machines used for excavating materials above or below the level of the machine and loading them into transport vehicles or unloading them onto stockpiles. The materials excavated by excavators primarily include soil, coal, sediment, and pre-loosened soil and rock.

The working principle of excavators involves the hydraulic system driving the power system to enable the working devices to perform various actions, thus achieving excavation, loading, grading, and other tasks. Specifically, the engine serves as the power source of the excavator, providing power to the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump then sends hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinders, which drive the working devices to complete various actions. The transmission system transfers the power of the engine to the walking device, enabling the excavator to move freely on the construction site.

The development history of excavators is relatively long. Initially, they were manually operated, and later gradually evolved into steam-driven, electric-driven, and internal combustion engine-driven rotary excavators. In the 1940s, the application of hydraulic technology led to significant advancements in excavators, and the first fully hydraulic backhoe excavator mounted on a tractor was introduced by the French Poclain factory in 1951, marking a new era in excavator technology development. Since then, hydraulic excavators have undergone a period of promotion and rapid development, becoming one of the most essential construction machines in engineering construction.

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