Maintenance of Excavator Engines

Proper maintenance of excavator engines is crucial to ensure their long-term stable operation and extend their service life. Here is a detailed guide to excavator engine maintenance:

  1. Fuel Management:
    • Select the appropriate diesel grade based on different ambient temperatures. For example, use 0#, -10#, -20#, and -35# diesel when the minimum ambient temperature is 0℃, -10℃, -20℃, and -30℃ respectively.
    • Do not mix impurities, dirt, or water into the diesel to prevent premature wear of the fuel pump and damage to the engine caused by poor-quality fuel.
    • Fill up the fuel tank after daily operations to prevent water droplets from forming on the inner walls of the tank, and drain water by opening the water drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank before daily operations.
  2. Filter Replacement:
    • Filters play a crucial role in filtering impurities from the oil or air circuit and should be replaced regularly according to the operation and maintenance manual.
    • When replacing filters, check for any metal particles attached to the old filter. If metal particles are found, promptly diagnose and take corrective measures.
    • Use genuine filters that meet the machine's specifications to ensure effective filtration. Avoid using inferior filters.
  3. Lubricant Management:
    • Using lubricating grease (butter) can reduce wear on moving surfaces and prevent noise.
    • Store lubricating grease in a clean environment, free from dust, sand, water, and other impurities.
    • It is recommended to use lithium-based grease G2-L1, which has excellent anti-wear performance and is suitable for heavy-duty conditions.
  4. Regular Maintenance:
    • After 250 hours of operation for a new machine, replace the fuel filter and additional fuel filter, and check the engine valve clearance.
    • Daily maintenance includes checking, cleaning, or replacing the air filter, cleaning the cooling system, checking and tightening the track shoe bolts, checking and adjusting the track tension, checking the intake heater, replacing the bucket teeth, adjusting the bucket gap, checking the windshield washer fluid level, checking and adjusting the air conditioning, and cleaning the floor inside the cab.
  5. Other Considerations:
    • Do not clean the cooling system while the engine is running due to the risk of the fan rotating at high speed.
    • When replacing coolant and corrosion inhibitor, park the machine on a level surface.

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can ensure stable operation of the excavator engine and extend its service life.

Post time: Jun-03-2024