2023 New Chinese Electric Skid Steer Loader ZT535-E

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Product Number: Electric Skid Steer Loader

Model Number:   ZT535-E


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The ZT535-E electric skid steer loader is a new electric construction machinery launched in 2023, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern engineering. It combines advanced electric technology with efficient loading capabilities, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for various engineering applications.

Product Features

  1. Efficient Electric System: The ZT535-E is equipped with high-performance electric motors and battery packs, delivering robust power output while ensuring continuous operation for extended periods.
  2. Compact Design: The skid steer loader features a compact body design, enabling flexible operation in narrow or confined spaces, suitable for various engineering environments.
  3. Easy Operation: With a user-friendly control system, the ZT535-E offers intuitive and straightforward operation, allowing even inexperienced operators to quickly get started.
  4. Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient: As an electric construction machinery, the ZT535-E operates with minimal noise and zero emissions, fully compliant with modern environmental requirements.
  5. Convenient Maintenance: The electric system reduces the complexity of maintenance issues commonly found in traditional machinery, lowering maintenance costs.

Application Fields

The ZT535-E electric skid steer loader is suitable for various engineering fields, including construction sites, road construction, garden maintenance, agricultural operations, and more. It can assist in tasks such as earthmoving, material loading, site cleanup, and others, enhancing work efficiency.

Sales Information

Currently, the ZT535-E electric skid steer loader is officially available for sale and pre-orders. For specific pricing, promotional policies, and after-sales service information, please contact our sales team directly or visit our official website.

If you are interested in the ZT535-E electric skid steer loader or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with detailed product information and professional consulting services to help you choose the loader that best suits your engineering needs.

Please note that due to market price fluctuations and regional differences, actual sales prices may vary. It is recommended to confirm the latest pricing information and promotional policies with our sales team before purchasing. At the same time, please ensure to choose a formal sales channel to guarantee the quality of the product and the reliability of after-sales service.

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